Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pitchin' Melon

I was standing at the kitchen window of the truck, eating sweet watermelon I had just put in a bowl, spearing each chunk with my fork as I watched these guys load the truck that was in line before us.

As I was watching them circle the crane and the truck that was being loaded, occasionally stopping to wipe their brows, it occurred to me how hot, and dusty, and hot it was out there, and how a nice cold piece of watermelon would probably be reeeallly refreshing to them right at that moment.  

So I quickly grabbed the half of the watermelon I had left in the fridge and sliced it into nice thick slices.  I piled them in a bowl and went traipsing out to the workers, leading with my outstretched hand, topped with glistening pink slices of the Fruit of the Gods.

You'd think I was handing out $100 bills.  They were thrilled

I made sure that everyone got a slice and even met the crane operator half-way - me on my tip-toes, him bending forward from the top of the crane - so he could get a slice.

I love doing this sort of thing.  These guys, and almost every guy I've ever encountered who works a manual labor job in extreme weather situations, appreciate anything you offer.  Hot coffee, cold drinks, juicy fruit. 

After I got back in the truck, I took this picture from the window.  The first truck had pulled out and it was our turn. 

And that's Ed in the foreground of the photo, throwing his watermelon rind over the nearby fence.

Time to get to work.


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Anonymous said...

Good on you it doesn't take much to appreciated. it goes a long way

Marlea said...

When I drove a dump in Seattle for a couple years, I would PU coffee and donuts Friday morning and greet the crew.
Popcicles or Gatorade for really hot days.
Later on, I would send people out to jobsites with coolers of bottled H2O for the crew.
Seems small kindnesses etch deeply into our smile muscles.
You brought me a smile today.