Saturday, June 01, 2013

Missed The Twist

I was watching the news last night and it looks like we got out of St. Louis just in time - we left just two days before three confirmed tornadoes hit the area. 

The weather was generally nice when we were there, not hot, just perfect, and although it rained a bit off and on, didn't really seem to gather into a storm.

But tornadoes??  Whoa. 

This picture of the barges on the Mississippi River was taken from the Poplar Street Bridge as we crossed from St. Louis, Missouri into East St. Louis, Illinois.

I know, confusing name.  You'd think East St. Louis would be in Missouri, with regular 'ol St. Louis, wouldn't you?

All you need to know about East St. Louis is to NEVER go there.  It's America's most violent city.  Which means there's lots of crime.  Crazy crime.  Scary crime. 

In fact, a few years ago a truck driver was killed in the early morning, making his delivery. I will NEVER deliver there.


I will dump that freight in the Mississippi before I put myself in that kind of danger.

It's so murky, they'll be looking for that crap for weeks.  But I'll be alive.

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