Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Goodwill Hunting

I found myself in Goodwill this week searching for a Hawaiian shirt for my nephew.  He needed it for school for their "Hawaiian Shirt Day". 

I was shocked at the number of Hawaiian shirts on the rack.  Nice ones, too.  The one we wound up buying for him was actually made in Hawaii, and since he's sort of conservative when it comes to colors, it consisted of several shades of muted blues.  Big, Hawaiian, Hibiscus-y looking flowers, but muted.

The two in the photo though, are really the ones that caught my eye.  I have a tendency to shop with my hands - I often run my hand over the rack of clothing, feeling the fabrics before I pull it out to look at it.  I feel for quality.  I did the same thing with these and wound up picking out two great ones - Tommy Bahama shirts made of linen and silk.  And the one on the left was beautifully embroidered.

These shirts go for anywhere from $90.00 to $160.00.  I even saw one on the website, a special edition camp shirt for $250.00.  The ones at Goodwill were $14.00.  And I'm telling you, in perfect condition.  If they had a regular department store tag on them, you'd think they were pulled right off the rack.

Every time I find myself in Goodwill or a similar store, I am amazed at what I find there.  I saw a gorgeous set of Christmas plates with matching bowls and mugs, a set of rock glasses that I was convinced I needed, and a kitchen gadget that was still in its original box.  I have to remember this next time I'm out looking for obscure and/or inexpensive items.

And you might be seeing Ed in a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt in a future photo.  Linen and silk is just too good to pass up.


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Mick said...

Ha ha, reading this I thought Goodwill was a town until I got to "every time I find myself in Goodwll or a similar store". Never seen those stores, although we do have charity stores like Oxfam. Good one that-I was thinking "Goodwill, now I wonder what state that's in?"

The Daily Rant said...

MICK: Thanks for the comment. It didn't even occur to me that someone wouldn't know what Goodwill was. I've included a link connected to the name, so now someone can click on it and see what Goodwill does in the communities they can be found in.

Oxfam and the British Red Cross charity shops look to be the same thing.

I have to say though...Goodwill would be a really great name for a town! LOL

Pat said...

Marathoners often buy clothes at goodwill to wear right before the race. Then they leave the garments at the start or in the first few miles. I picked out a nice sweat suit top for my next marathon. Sadly, it's nicer than the one's I already own. I might keep it and use one of the others. FYI, Goodwill picks up the discarded clothes at marathons and re sells them.