Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something To Look Forward To

I moved to Southern Arizona thirty years ago and have lived there off-and-on since then.  I did a few years of high school there, then graduated in New York and lived there into my twenties, and moved to Seattle and Nashville and California and Kentucky in between.

I've never liked Arizona.  Ever.  People said, "you'll get used to it" and "it'll grow on you".  I didn't and it hasn't. 

It's hot and brown and barren and dirty and there's dust everywhere.  No real trees, no grass, no fall foliage, no water.  The greens of the trees, bushes, and leaves have browns and grays in them - sage and slate and olive and kale - and the dirt and sand is well, dirt and sand colored.  It's not a joyful palette. 

I try to enjoy it because it's where my immediate family is.  But I just can't.  It's dismal.  Driving from my mother's house to my brother's house to my friend's house to the mall all looks like the photo above.  I deflate just looking at it.

Every time I'm home I think of things to do so I'll have something to blog about.  I come up with nothing.  I can't think of a thing I want to photograph.  Another cactus?  Another picture of a mountain?  Another sunset?

I want to look at it with fresh eyes and go see something I've seen a hundred times.  Take pictures, talk about it, make it sound intriguing.  I might try that next time I'm there.

Really, I'm happiest when I leave.  I know I'll be back, but I always need a break from the blah landscape.  And it doesn't take long to reach that point.  I just wish I could take everyone with me because I do miss them when I'm gone. 
We're heading east and I'm happy just thinking about it.  I physically feel my mood lift once we leave Texas.  I'm an aesthetically driven person and need my eyes to be filled with beauty.    

I'm looking forward to seeing fall foliage.  There's still time.

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Gil said...

Didn't realize you had trees that big in the desert!