Monday, October 07, 2013

Circling The Shark

Las Vegas is an odd place.  You see all kinds of people and don't blink an eye.  Seeing a parade of them is a different story.

Ed and I were standing along the fountain wall at the Bellagio when we saw a stream of girls walking by.  All dressed real funky, all wearing patterned tights and shoes in all styles - high platforms, Doc Martens, boots, sneakers, etc.  Some in dresses, some in just bodysuits.  Colored hair, tattoos, unique hair adornments, sunglasses, pink patent leather skirts.  The works.

We eventually reached the location they were all gathered at, in front of the fountain.
We circled the crowd taking pictures and looking at all the colorful clothing.
The guy in charge of the event was with the BlackMilk Clothing Company from Brisbane, Australia.  He was wearing a shark hat and getting all the girls together in a circle to take pictures and pump them up.
The leggings and printed bodysuits were very cool.  Celestial skies and funky fishnets.
A maze that freaks out the eyes.  And then faces that freak you out period.
Bats with spiky pink heels, blue-green ombre sky with spiky green heels, metallic fish scales and two girls, one of which was sporting other-worldy pointy Spock ears. 

The girl on the right, who I asked to give me information on the event - we wanted to know how everyone knew to meet here and they told us through the Facebook page for the company, chat rooms, websites, etc. - said that if I liked all the leggings I was seeing, I "might be a sharkie and not even know it."
According to the BlackMilk glossary, a Sharkie (sharks, sharklets, sharkettes) is a predatory creature that feeds upon nylon and lycra.  I love these on the left - they're so colorful and fun.
And the girls were so nice.  They were super-friendly, willing to talk,  socializing with each other like they were old friends - from what one of the girls said, they came from all over, some girls even came from other countries.  Another girl I spoke to said I should go on Facebook and talk to them, because "you'll never meet a cooler group of girls".  I'm kind thinking she might be right. 

This girl had my attention for most of the time we spent gawking.  She floated through the crowd, seemed to know a lot of people, exuded confidence, smiled a lot and seemed nice.   - I love that she was so tall, and the vertical lines on the leggings just emphasized her height.  And I loved her cool hair.
Three different color dyes on a cut that I'd love to have, flawless skin and makeup, and sunglasses that just worked on her.
Here's a shot for my UK readers (she looks a little bored, no?).
And one for my Canadian friends.  I'm talking to you, MacGyver! 
I haven't quite mastered the take-really-great-pictures-of-people-without-them-catching-you maneuver yet.  I always chicken out at the last minute and either get a blurry shot or half a head.  Although I think this girl was just looking in my direction, not at me.

This was one of the better people-watching opportunities we came across.  It certainly beat out the creepy guy in the hooded trenchcoat with the Friday the 13th Jason mask and the fake machete who was terrorizing everyone who climbed the steps in front of the Planet Hollywood.


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Great job. Beautiful pictures!

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