Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy "Columbus" Day!

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Pat said...

I saw that on my Zite app. Too true. Sadly we honor many men that were villians in disguise.

Unknown said...

That was fascinating - I'd never heard that! I hope I remember all that next year. Thanks for posting!

Marlaina said...

I love whoever the Oatmeal person is. This is great. You always find great stuff to pass along.

Anonymous said...

Love this post...and surprising coming from an Italian. Again, nice post!

Your (still reading your blog) Native American friend.

The Daily Rant said...

PAT: I know. We're taught such crap growing up and for generations people are kept blind to the truth. Sad.

BA: I felt like I had heard the Columbus part, but not the Bartolome part. Interesting.

Marlaina: Love the Oatmeal folks.

Anonymous: SO glad you're still reading!! Glad you like the post. And yes, for Italians who now know the scoop, it's embarassing. As you may be aware, in NY we even have a huge a parade! Ugh. I'll have to hand out flyers next year. LOL