Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I Was Searching For Leather Goods And Found Something To Dream About

I was surfing online when I came across and article about the Peter Nappi leather studio in Nashville.

I went to their website and saw these pictures.

I want to LIVE here. 
This is one of my favorite styles of housing - old factories or warehouses.
I love the exposed brick, the concrete columns, the floor to ceiling windows.
Look at the space.  It's just gorgeous.
The furniture is great and although the idea isn't unique, it's really hard to come across something affordable in a great area.  Oh, you can find tons of abandoned properties in Detroit, but as my friend Marlaina pointed out - you have to live there with no police, fire protection or grocery stores.  Guess those things would come in handy. 
A lot of these types of properties are already snatched up and have been turned into lofts or retail stores, but a lot of them are located in still crappy areas where one wouldn't want to live.

I want to get one big enough to park the truck in one side and live in the other. 

I'm still hunting.

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Pat said...

maybe some of these might work:

The Daily Rant said...

These are gorgeous! Now if I can just get my hands on $1.5 million. Thanks, Pat!