Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'll Meet You At Sue's

Sue's Motel in Mina, Nevada.

I love these old motel signs.  The font of the letters on the sign and the stars jutting out from either side are so Jetsons-like.  So many motels from this time period had signs exactly like this, and I've seen them in many places throughout the country.  I love when we come across them!

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Gil said...

Do you ever stay in any of these old motels? We stayed at a few on our trips back in the mid 70s and I'd swear the beds were as old as the buildings. One motel we stopped at, close to Hoover Dam, was behind as gas station. It was close to one of the above ground fuel storage tanks. Through the years the ground got soaked with diesel fuel and that is exactly how our room smelled!

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: No, we've never stayed at any of these places. Most of them aren't in operation, but even the ones that are, I'm not too keen on. When it comes to a hotel room, I need modern amenities and luxury-like surroundings. In fact, I'm so picky about "smells" in the room, I usually check it out before even committing to booking it (if we're doing a walk-in situation). And if there's anything that remotely smells like cigarette smoke, I ask to move my room before even turning on all the lights in the room. LOL

As for diesel fuel, I would have never been able to sleep with that smell. I can't even stand it when Ed tracks a drop into the truck on his shoes! :)