Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hammer Down Thrifting

Yesterday we spent the entire day shopping.  We're home for a little over a week and had to run around and get a few things done - Ed needs a suit for his million-miler banquet, I need a dress, I had to get a mother's day gift, dentist, etc.  After lunch yesterday we popped into a Goodwill "Boutique" - it's a Goodwill store set up in boutique fashion that sells hand-picked, higher end items.  I guess the stuff that doesn't go to the regular Goodwill store.

While there, Ed came across this - a trucker themed liquor decanter. How cool, right?!

The cork part of the bottle was the CB unit:
This is the back, withe CB codes on one side and CB slang on the other:
Here's a close-up of the front panel:
And a close-up of part of the back side:
I think this is one of our coolest thrift store finds, and I'm very impressed with Ed's sharp shopping eye.

This is what makes thrifting so much fun.  One day monkey pod, the next day this.

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Anonymous said...

That is cool!

Scott said...

That is a pretty cool find. you and Ed even have handles?

The Daily Rant said...

SCOTT: Ed used to use "Coaster" which, unbeknownst to him was also his father's handle, so he changed his to "Poor Boy".

I don't have a handle. I couldn't seem to land on something that I felt really summed me up. And I don't really think I need one anyway, as we're NEVER on the CB. The only time we turn it on is if we see some crazy traffic and need to know what's going on. Or, if we're running with someone else on a load - which I hate to have to do, because I can't stand the sound of the fuzz noise.