Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Luxor-ious Seating

A few months ago, I wrote about the fancy schmancy seats we were planning on buying for the truck. They're made by Bose, the same people who make the fancy schmancy speakers, headphones, sound systems. They are $6,000.00 each. I was completely convinced they were worth it and Ed was seriously considering buying them.

Until I sat in them. Granted, their "road simulation" display was impressive. The bumps and ruts that you'd feel on a normal road were essentially eliminated by the patented hydraulic "ride system" of the base. Which is great. If you were sitting on the base. But you have to sit on the actual seat on the base, which is where my problem came in.

The seat itself was uncomfortable to me. And it only came in one color scheme; black and gray. That color doesn't work for me, as our interior is of the taupe/beige/camel variety. We talked to them about ordering the seat in a different color, since a seat company makes the actual seat, not them. We also asked to have a different seat altogether put on their base. Neither of those options were available to us.

I actually felt bad taking up so much of their time. I had pretty much decided I didn't want them the minute I sat on the seat, before the simulator even started moving. We went back the next day to try it out again. The hard sell was on. One guy really annoyed me; he was just like the smarmy car salesman that keeps telling you how much better your life will be with their car; they follow you around, try to make what they think are enticing offers. I had asked them, since we were buying two seats, if we could get a deal. He said, "I'll see what I can do." What they "did" was offer us any Bose item, sound system, headphones, etc. up to $400 total. Wooooow. What a deal. After a little pow-wow, Ed and I decided not to get the seats. Instead, we settled on the Luxor seats (see photo above - we got them in taupe leather to match our interior) we had seen two years ago, made by Superior Seating. Our friends had them in their truck and they were extremely comfortable. And they were much cheaper; $1,500.00 a seat instead of $6,000.00 each. We are supposed to pick them up this week. And I can't wait, because the 5,500 miles we're doing each week is starting to wear out my big fat ass.

Our friends, who went to the truck show with us, did buy the Bose seat; just one, for the driver's side. They're having it installed this week. I'm very interested to see how they like it. In the meantime, I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the $9,000.00 we saved.

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Gil said...

You can take a nice trip to Italy with nine grand!!!

ELH said...

that is a beautiful seat, once installed let us know how you guys are enjoying them..