Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alien Ribs Of The North

For the last month and a half, we've been running back and forth across the northern portion of the country, taking us through Fargo, North Dakota twice a week. This is only significant because one of our favorites restaurants, Space Aliens Grill & Bar is there. It's located right across from the Petro truckstop, which means plenty of truck parking!

There's only one reason we stop; the ribs. They're the most delicious morsels I've ever wrapped my lips around. OK, that sounds a little suggestive, but it's not really far from the truth...I'd pass up a roll in the hay for these ribs!

You're probably thinking, "Ribs? In Fargo??" Yes, Fargo. According to their menu, they've been judged America's Best Ribs at the National Bar-B-Que Convention Cook-off in Memphis, Tennessee. And if you can win a ribs contest in Memphis, you know you have something special. They're slowly smoked in BBQ smokers using apple and hickory wood and come with your choice of side.

I was thrilled that we got through there precisely at the dinner hour. I couldn't have wished for a better meal, or a better way to fuel my body to keep on driving throughout the night.

If you're ever in Fargo (or any of their other locations), be sure to stop in! The south no longer has this market cornered!

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Ms. Crawford said...

Lucky! I think I saw one of these in Minnesota! If not it looked similar.

Reminds me of Toy Story the pizza planet place. That looked awesome as this place does. I soooo want to try one.