Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feeling Great About Hands And Breasts (Even If They're Drooping)

I pre-ordered it from Amazon and it's already arrived at the house, but I haven't read it yet. But only because I haven't been home to get it!

The book in the photo above, I Feel Great about My Hands: And Other Unexpected Joys of Aging, is a compilation of essays by 41 women about well, aging. I'm not over fifty and I refuse to believe I'm actually aging, even though there are pesky daily reminders, but the reason I bought the book is because my friend Marlaina was asked to contribute to it and I wanted to support her writing.

Her essay, How My Drooping Breasts Led to a Truck-Driving Life of Adventure, is among what I've been told are wonderful, witty and interesting depictions of life over fifty. My mother is currently reading it, which was the idea when I had it mailed to her house, knowing I wouldn't be home to receive it.

I look forward to reading the other women's contributions, but Marlaina's writing style is extremely enjoyable to me, so I really can't wait to get to her essay in the book. If you'd like to get to know Marlaina, consider getting lost in the interesting, descriptive posts in her blog, which chronicles her Life With No Fixed Address.

You'll not only feel great about your hands, but you'll feel great that you filled your mind with something worth your time, which is not always something one can say when they make their way around the internet universe.

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