Sunday, May 15, 2011

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

We checked out of the hotel this morning because our load was supposed to be ready late this afternoon, but as I expected, it wasn't; the pick up time has now been moved to tomorrow. I have no faith in it being ready tomorrow either, but we'll see. Really, I should start laying bets on this. If only there were a way to make money doing that.

Ed ran a few errands and took care of some stuff on the truck, then we hit the diner for lunch, and eventually settled in at Barnes and Noble for a few hours in the afternoon. I had lots of magazines to catch up on, and there were two books I read about this week that I wanted to check out.

After getting my fill of the bookstore, it was time to go back to the truck. While I was inside, a storm had rolled in; thunder, lightening, dark clouds and rain. I was wearing flip-flops, so I wasn't so happy about the rain part. I hate getting my feet wet.

But then Ed came to my rescue, when he went to get the truck and came back to pick me up. It seemed to be the thing to do since I was standing outside, under the awning, with two other girls whose boys also went to get the car while they waited out of the rain.

Once in the truck, we headed to Bertucci's for dinner. I wasn't very hungry because I had a latte while I was in the bookstore, so I passed on an appetizer and dessert and only had an entree. I wound up taking more than half of it home. Lunch tomorrow!

We'll spend the rest of the evening watching movies and working/playing on our computers before hitting the hay earlier than we normally would since we might be going back to work.

In the meantime, I'm predicting that I'll be writing again tomorrow from this very spot. See you then!

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Gil said...

Do you do your own oil changes or did you get a good price on the oil?