Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's What's For Dinner

Texas is definitely the place to get your meat on.  Yesterday we had amazing steaks and today we had hand-formed burgers.  I say "hand-formed" because it's like the kind your mother would make - no shape, mushed together, thrown on a bun.

The place was called Heff's Burgers and their burgers have been rated the best in the area for five years in a row.  I can see why.  The meat tasted like meat.  Old-fashioned burgers, like we had as kids, not a fast food burger.  

This is our first time in Abilene, believe it or not.  We've been through here but have never had an opportunity to explore the area.  I was surprised to see how run-down it is, a lot of abandoned buildings and wide open parking lots.  It looks a bit desolate, like a forgotten town, even though it's a decent size.  We did find a few cool places, and it does have a bit of history.  

And beef.  Which sort of makes up for the lack of culture.   

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Gil said...

Not many places like that around these days. At one of the local 'Greek' pizza houses a waitress clued us in to ask for hand made burgers. The use the ground beef that they use to make ground steak to make hand formed burgers. Definitely, used to tell the difference from ready made patties.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of towns in the shape you described around these days.

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: These burgers were so tasty! SO different from ready-made patties. And the condition of the town was sad, lots of abandoned businesses and stuff. And you're right, we see it all over.