Tuesday, May 26, 2015

West Texas Depot

This is the 1929 Burlington Route Depot in Abilene, Texas.

Abilene was founded by cattlemen as a shipping point for livestock.  It was named after Abilene, Kansas.  The town is literally divided by the railroad tracks and the south side of the tracks, where this old depot is located, is noticeably more run down than the north side.

When I see building like this, I often think, "Coooool.  I'd live there."  Of course, these buildings are almost always in towns like Abilene - abandoned, in the middle of nowhere, too far from civilization - but they have so much potential.  It's a shame they're left to deteriorate.  Side note - did you know Jessica Simpson was born here?  Yep.

Anyway...we narrowly escaped an "almost tornado" here yesterday morning.  I woke to the truck shaking significantly from side to side.  Ed slept through it.  The sky was dark, with low stormy clouds, and then the rain started.  Torrential, with lightning.  And more wind.  Then, just like that, it cleared up and the sun came out.

Crazy Texas weather.

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