Saturday, May 26, 2012

Calling All Questions!

My fellow trucker and blogging friend, Gi-Gi Roxx, recently did a few Q & A posts on her blog. I submitted my questions, as did others, and she answered all of them in a series of blog posts. I'm always excited by her Q & A's because she's so honest and usually, very funny. She doesn't hold back and will answer almost anything you ask.

Now it's my turn. She's inspired me to do a Q & A of my own. So send me your questions! Ask anything you want - it doesn't just have to be about trucking. Be creative! Also, if you have any questions for Ed, send them too and I'll slip 'em into conversation - he won't even know he's being interrogated.

You can either leave the question in the comments section of this post, or send them to me at I'll answer them in a future post.

Let's get started!

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Anonymous said...

What made you want to start driving truck ?Where did you learn do take such wonderful photos?