Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Uphill Semi-Battle

Gaining on some of the slow trucks pulling hills in California.


Dave Sanderson said...

Okay here you go 1 suggestion/video.
Since you have several followers following a trucking blog and have little idea how stuff (a technical term) stays on a flatbed trailer using very little Elmer's glue or duct tape. My thought is breaking down a loading and or unloading sequence (tarp if you must) in a series of pictures or stop action vedio. Another good reason to stay out of the way while Ed tarps/secure the load in the sun:-) that is my suggestion for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

Dave's idea is interesting. Eddie tarps like wrapping a Christmas present. A nicely tarped load is a beautiful, sight, who knew so many truckers had a little Martha in 'em.

Looking at your photo, I find the truck waltz intriguing, terrain, load, size of engine, fuel used all come into play when trucks start an upgrade. We drive slowly, 58 mph, and most drivers think we're driving slow because we're heavy. At the bottom of a hill, they try to pass us, but often they are heavier, and very quickly we start passing them -- staying in our original lane -- and I know they are thinking WTF!

ELH said...

I'll third that motion...would love to see some videos..also a possible tour of the interior of your huge. Sleeper/cab area..just a thought!!

The Daily Rant said...

DAVE: I love that idea! Ed is very meticulous, so I think it'll be a great step by step thing - either still shots or video. But I like the video thing.

ANONYMOUS: Is that you, Marlaina? You're almost the only one of my friends who calls Ed Eddie. He does wrap his loads like a gift - one of his many talents! And we do the same thing on the hills...you know we drive slow...and often wind up passing the other drivers too!

ELH: I think I have some video already of the sleeper - I'll have to dig it up. If not, I'd be more than happy to take more interior video. My favorite thing to show people is my pantry! Great idea.

Thanks, all!