Monday, May 21, 2012

I've Yet To Make Lemonade

I have a thing for lemons. I love them in my Diet Coke and I dig 'em in my food. I've twice before made meals with lemon - this pasta dish and this chicken dish.

Last week, I bought a bag of lemons because the grocery store I was in didn't sell them individually (WTF?). So now I had a half-dozen lemons to use and wasn't planning on lemonade.

So I turned them into Chicken Piccata. Drag a little chicken in flour, brown them in a little butter and olive oil, add some white wine, lemon and broth, toss in some parsley and a few capers and voilĂ , you have a meal.

We can't live without pasta, so I served it over thin spaghetti and Ed was on the verge of asking for my hand in marriage.

Instead, he had seconds.

If you want to make this delicious meal for yourself, click
HERE for the recipe.

Maybe you'll have better luck with the whole marriage proposal thing.

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Gil said...

Looks good! I should of taken a picture of the veal chops smothered in peppers and onions that Anne made last night. As a side she made mashed potatoes baked with mozzarella!

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: Ooohhhh, veal chops sound delicious. I never make veal! And what are these mashed potatoes baked with mozzarella? Tell me how she does that. I LIVE for potatoes!

Lisa said...

I copied this recipe!! Looks awesome and easy enough for me!!!!