Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little Dragonflies Alighting Upon My Ears

Monday was the best day of the week so far - we were lucky enough to have another serendipitous run-in with our friends, The New York City Truckers! It just so happened that when we were in New Jersey, and they were in New York, just seven miles away from us (thanks, Google Latitude!).

We all had lunch at a local diner, then the boys went into the city while Marlaina and I caught up. And, she brought the gifts she got me in Bangkok! I was very excited, as I'd been hearing about them for months, and was finally going to see the little treasures in person.

First up is this great little coin purse. Well, if I were eighty, I guess I'd be using it for a coin purse (although, I can use it for laundry quarters - I never have anything cute enough to make that monumental task more pleasant), but I suppose it can be used for anything. It's made out of used rice bags. If anyone knows what it says, please feel free to email me!
The next bag is also made out of rice bags and I love the beautiful colors. It's a good side - about 10" wide by 8" tall - and the picture is of Shwedagon Pagoda, a temple in Burma.
I love the contrast of the red and gold on this side. I'm kinda thinking I need a hat that looks like that spire. I'll be the hit of the truckstops with a gold hat, dontcha think?
This next gift is super-special beause it's personalized. According to Marlaina, yellow license plates are used for transporting freight or passengers, and the lettering on the bottom says "Bangkok". I'm also told they took a picture of the little Thai girls who were making it, and if I ever get my hot little hands on it, I'll make sure to post it.
And last but not least, these awesome little dragonfly earrings. They weren't sure if I'd like them (Marlaina's husband picked them out!) but I LOVE them! I like that they're a little dangly when they're in my ears and I love that they're silver. And unique. Do you know anyone with dragonfly earrings??They're made of "Hill Tribe Silver" and enclosed gold card reads as follows [sic]:

"Hilltribe Karen Silver is handmade silver accessories by skilled Karen craftsman. Karen people live in northern part of Thailand. Most of the Karen silver contains 98-99% silver. High contain of silver make it easy to bend and shape. Their products make from their image, and design from natural. So each piece of it has it's own unique character."
I'm thrilled with all of my gifts and so glad I was able to get them without having to take a seventeen hour flight and spend three weeks in tropical temperatures that even had Marlaina saying, "Fuck, it's hot!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And one more thank you for shopping for another special item, which I will be giving to my cousin. I just know she'll love it!

Gee, I wonder where they'll be going next? I need to start working on my souvenir list.

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Belledog said...

Beautiful gifts. Know you enjoyed the company as much as the gifts.

I can't translate, but "hinh dang!" is going to replace the F word for me. If I can remember. Before my nephew hears me again.

all things bradbury said...

very nice!...i love the unique and so useful!...and the earrings are gorgeous!...

Anonymous said...

Been enjoying the new york city truckers blog

The Daily Rant said...

BELLEDOG: Always enjoy the company! We seem to have a knack at crossing paths.

And I love your "hinh dang!" thing...I might do that myself. LOL

ATB: The earrings are great and the bags are super cute. And I'm a bit of a bag addict, so I always love having something new.

ANON: She's a great writer - I love it too!