Friday, May 08, 2015

There Are Vacation Links In This One

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni on Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy
All the neighborhoods in one of my favorite places are worth checking out.  

For novice photographers like me, this is a big help.

Ice cream with only two ingredients?  Any fool can make this.  

Interesting, but a little too permanent for me.  

I needed this pronunciation guide.  I've been saying Prabal Gurung the wrong way all along.

Maybe if we hang out in the neighborhood, we'll run into the Clooneys.  

Wow.  Beautiful choices.  Even one in beautiful Le Marche, a place I can't wait to get back to.

If TED says it, it is so.

The "after" of this cute little cottage is beautiful.

So that's where they disappear to.

Greece, Austria, Croatia?  Yes, yes, and yes.  

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Gil said...

If I was healthier, I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks in Italy about now.