Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Turn Of The Century

When we got home this week we noticed the giant stalk on the century plant in our front yard.  When the hell did that happen??  More than twice the height of the house, it dominated the yard.  You can see the plant without the stalk in the video from this post, when we had all that rain last year.

Century plants, contrary to their names, don't live for a century.  They're good for anywhere from 10-30 years.  They only bloom like this once in their lifetime - it's a rare sight - and then the plant dies.  At the end of its life, it sends up a flowering stalk that can reach 25-40 feet.  The diameter on this stalk was a good 4 to 6 inches.  Big mother.  But, we may be lookin' at the last hurrah of this prickly thing, so here you go, have another look at it.

It seems as if just before it topples to the ground, it sprouts up one giant middle finger, on last magnificent display, just to show you who's boss. 

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