Monday, May 15, 2017

A Glympse Of Eddie's Day

Last night Ed took his motorcycle out to practice for his road test.  This morning, Ed took the written portion of the motorcycle endorsement test.  He passed with ease and they handed him a permit for him to take his motorcycle out and terrorize the rest of motoring public.

After we got home from the test, he went out to practice for a few hours.  He is going to take the driving portion of the test later this week.  When he left for his "practice" ride, he sent me a Glympse - a location sharing app that allows a person to follow your in real time - so I could see where he was riding.  I followed him around the neighborhood and then saw him head for the big parking lot behind the strip mall about a mile from our house.

Since the Glympse shows movement in real time, I watched him drive around and around this parking lot.  3 miles an hour, 5 miles an hour, 8 miles an hour, 12 miles an hour.  It shows your speed whenever you're moving.  I've watched him ride the bike trails around Tucson this way also, following his route when he's out on his motorcycle.

I took a screen shot of the tangled knot he created because I found it amusing and wanted to show him when he got home.  He explained that he was recreating some of the motor vehicle test course - doing a few serpentine curves, riding between the lines of the parking spots, and practicing timed stops.

When I saw that he was heading home I greeted him at the door, showing him his Glympse masterpiece.

He looked at it and burst into laughter. 

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