Monday, May 08, 2017

The Common Folk

This past weekend, Ed surprised me by taking me to the 32nd Annual Tucson Folk Festival.  I say surprise because had he told me where we were going, I would have totally tried to get out of it.

Folk music - Arlo Guthrie, Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, etc. - isn't really my thing. Of course, there are some artists who consider themselves folk artists that I have heard and like, but they're not my preference.  To be fair, I probably haven't really listened to enough folk artists to give an absolutely definitive answer, but I know what I like when I hear it.

We saw several artists, unknowns to me, who turned out to be pretty good.  The first one we heard was Rebekah Rolland Trio.  She was pretty good.  Her voice was unique and she was doing a series of original songs she had written for the 2016 National Parks Artist-in-Residence Program at Homestead National Monument in Nebraska.  Those songs will be featured on her upcoming album. I enjoyed her.  Her voice was soothing and the songs clearly had great meaning to her.

The second guy, Eric Ramsey, played a mean guitar and had a very engaging set.  The wind was blowing hard and shaking the venue tent, but he kept going.  The storm was a great backdrop for his set.

As the sun was setting we headed over to La Cocina's courtyard and listened to a few bands in there.

The first one we caught, The Gun Hill Royals, a band based in Los Angeles, entertained us with their a rock-esque country-ish mix of musical styles that was truly entertaining.  The crowd demanded an encore!

The last group we heard before we left were The Out of Kilters, a local Celtic party band.  I don't know how many local Celtics we have here in Tucson, but these guys played traditional Irish and Scottish music that had the entire crowd tapping their toes.

Overall, it was a pretty great afternoon.  I'm glad we went.

Let's all put a hash mark in the "Salena Ventures Out Of Her Comfort Zone" column.  Yay, me!

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