Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Really Big Shoei

Ed bought a motorcycle this week.

I'm happy he's happy, but I can't say I'm thrilled.  My worrying about him getting injured overshadows the excitement about it.  And it's not that I'm worried about Ed, hell, he's got over three million safe driving miles.  He's vigilant about being safe no matter what he's driving.  He's aware of everything that goes on around him when he's manning a vehicle, whether it be on two wheels, four wheels, or eighteen wheels.  Safety is paramount to him.

I worry about the other people on the road, especially in this town.  We're fifty percent college student and fifty percent senior citizen.  If they're not on their phones texting, they're running stop signs and careening over curbs.  The speed limits around town aren't excessive but everyone seems to ignore them.  There's no real open stretch anywhere unless you're on the interstate or in the less populated areas on the outskirts of town.

Our friends, Marlaina and MacG have a BMW motorcycle, which is a LOT bigger than the one Ed bought.  This new bike for Ed is just going to be for him to refresh his skills (he rode when he was younger) and get comfortable on two wheels again.  He'll eventually get a bike known as an Adventure Motorcycle.

I'm afraid I can see what's coming next - Ed and MacG talking about their plans to attend the Dakar Rally (formerly known as the Paris-Dakar Rally).

I doubt I can get sucked into this hobby because A) I can't imagine riding fully covered, with a helmet, in any kind of weather let alone hot weather, and B) I can't imagine riding fully covered, with a helmet, in any kind of weather let alone hot weather.  The freedom of the road is intriguing, going places that seem made just for small profile vehicles.  And I have been on a motorcycle before but I don't know that I would be comfortable in traffic or for long distances.

Maybe I'll take Ed's suggestion and man the "chase vehicle".  Comfortable and air-conditioned.

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