Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ideas Blooming

I've been wedding accessory shopping.  Who the hell knew - even for a small ceremony - that there's so much to do?  So many details?!  If it weren't for my friend Marlaina, I'd have forgotten half the stuff I need.  Like flowers. 

After drowning in Pinterest for days, I finally went to the florist.  Wedding bouquets are $150 to $200.  For basic bouquets, nothing fancy.  The type I wanted is $150.  Just roses, hydrangea, and some green sprigs of something or other.  I've gotten pretty practical over the years and right now I'm thinking, "Do I really need $200 worth of flowers to carry around for an hour?" 

Then I got all DIY-minded and went to look at silk flowers.  Much more affordable, and I can probably put them in a vase to use somewhere in the house later on.  Will anyone be able to tell the difference in photos?  I can pretend to be smelling them.  Maybe that'll fake people out.

There's still time.  If I want real ones - and they are beautiful - I can order as late as three weeks before the wedding. 

Just a smidge more research needed...

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