Monday, September 28, 2015

Last Night Was Super!

Last night we stopped in New Mexico to try to get a picture of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. We wound up in a rest area with a great view of the sky, which in New Mexico, is not hard to find.

As the eclipse began, I took the photo above with my trusty little Canon PowerShot. I balanced it on a fence post, my iPhone propping up the front a little bit, set the aperture and speed according to an article I found online and made my photos. It's the most successful photo of the moon I've ever taken. Actually, it's the only photo of the moon I've taken that looks like a moon. Every other photo has always looked like a glowing white blob.

Ed took the photo below with his Canon Rebel, using a 300mm zoom lens. I wasn't able to get the red hue at all with my camera. He used a fence post and a rock for his tripod.

We stood marveling at the blood moon for a while before eventually getting back on the road. When we stopped again, the eclipse was over and the bright white Supermoon was back.

The last blood moon I missed - it was obscured by a mountain in Wyoming - but I am thrilled I got to see the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Now I don't have to wait another 18 years.

These are the perks of my awesome, awesome job!

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Ed's Mom said...

Great pictures, kids. We got to see it too even though it interrupted a football game. Thanks for the mention of our awesome sky here in New Mexico. The weather has been so good lately, that we sit out on the patio swing and marvel at it.

The Daily Rant said...

Ed's Mom: We did good this time - it's hard to get moon shots! How funny that you had to drag yourself away from your football game to see the moon! You guys are true football fans!! Must be nice sitting on the patio at night! xoxo