Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Devil's Highway Takes You Past A 27-Million-Year-Old Rock With Wings

It's been more than six years since we've been in Shiprock, New Mexico.  The rock hasn't changed at all.

The way the highway snakes around the monument, it's hard to get a close-up photo, and there's really no great place to stop in a truck (there was one pull-out directly in front of it). So as usual, I try to get my pictures while moving.

From Utah, through Colorado, and into New Mexico, you travel on US Highway 666. They changed the name of it in 2003 to Highway 421, but it still shows as 666 on a map. There are claims that deaths and accidents were higher when it was named 666 than there are now.  

And then there's the legend of "The Evil Spirit of the Semi Truck"."Many people have had complications with their vehicles on this haunted highway. Cars are known to overheat and even experience flat tires. Many individuals that have had to pull to the side of the road have reported an evil spirit that drive a semi truck at extremely high speeds from one of the road to the other end of the road. Many claims that they have been hit by this truck or come close to being hit. They express the fact that the truck seems to intentionally aim for them. It is believed that the spirit that controls this semi truck is angry and despises anything that contains life."

Shiprock (Tsé Bitʼaʼí in Navajo, meaning "rock with wings" or "winged rock") is a sacred monument located on the Navajo Nation in the four corners region. It rises 1,583 feet above the desert floor.

It's really quite amazing to see once it comes into view. Check out truly spectacular photos here

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Anonymous said...

Hi again!

I see you are in my stomping grounds and you just missed the Northern Navajo Nation Fair that started October 1-4 (I grew up in Farmington, NM). Also, I am 1/4 Navajo.

They have one of the largest parades - I have only been a few times as my mom didn't like Shiprock much. But I do remember the parade and the 3-4 pillowcases of candy I would fill up.

I still do not drive on Highway 666 when I visit and sad to say Shiprock is
slowly falling; albeit little by little.

If you are ever outside of Albuquerque off 1-40, my family Pueblo family is from there Laguna (mom's side - 1/2). And yes, we currently have over three casinos - Route 66, the Dancing Eagle and relatives own the Sandia Casino & the Hard Rock in Albuquerque (Sandia's and Isleta's).

Let me know if you and Ed would ever like to stay and i can make arrangements. :)

Your NA friend

The Daily Rant said...

MY NA FRIEND: So you're 1/4 Navajo, 1/4 Hopi, and 1/2 Laguna Pueblo? Are the Laguna Pueblo known as Kawaik as I read on Wikipedia?

What a cool history your family has! And you have family that owns casinos?? OMG, Ed would LOVE that! We have stopped at the Sandia Casino on I-25 once in the past, but haven't been to the others. Ed likes to play blackjack, I like to feed my money into the slot machines. LOL

So you seriously don't drive on Highway 666? Is it because of the legend? Is it really something that the Native Americans talk about? Spooky.

I'll have to try to remember this in case we're ever in the area again with time for casinos! Thanks.