Friday, December 15, 2017

Hot Monkey Sex

Today I was scrolling through Instagram and noticing the many pictures of snowy locales - scenic mountains, ski resorts, cabins in the woods, almost all of the Canadian posts - and telling Ed how I just love the snow.  

Then I came to a picture of a beach on Bali.  I said to Ed, "I'm looking at all these pictures of snow and then I come across this picture, and you know what?  This just doesn't appeal to me at all.  Boing.  Beach and water.  Nothing else.  I'd rather be at any of those places with snow than on that beach."  

Scroll.  Scroll.  Scroll.

"Ooh!  He's cute."  I stop on the photo above and show it to Ed. 

"I might go there if I could see that little guy.  He's in Sumatra."

"Is that where they have that hot monkey sex?" Ed said.

"What??" I said.

"Hot monkey sex.  Sumatra," he said.

"No. No. Noo.  That's not Sumatra." I said.  "You're thinking of Kama Sutra."

He started laughing at himself.

"Kama.  Sutra." I said.


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