Tuesday, December 12, 2017

King Of Steaks

Philadelphia is home to the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell, the Rocky Steps, and the cheesesteak sandwich.  And although people have their favorite places to get this hometown delicacy, the one place that always makes the list (usually at the top) is Pat's King of Steaks.

Located in South Philly, Pat's is open 24/7, 363 days a year.  They're located across from their rival, Gino's, and the parking in the area is sparse to non-existent, but from what we witnessed, the ordering and making of the sandwiches are so quick, you can drive up and leave the car running while you order.  You'll be gone before you have a chance to get a ticket.

From the sign in front of the building:

"Using culinary influences from Abruzzi, Italy, brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri created one of the nation's favorite food, The Steak Sandwich, from a centuries-old recipe used in American homes.  Pat's Steaks originated here in 1930 and invented the prototype of beefsteak sandwiches that uses an Italian-style roll and seasonings.  Since 1930, Pat's Steaks has shown its hospitality to celebrities and politicians known worldwide and has an important part in the city of Philadelphia's place in the history of American cuisine."

Cheesesteaks are ordered and paid for at one window, fries and drinks ordered and paid for at another.  When you order, make sure you know what you want, how to order it, and that you place the order quickly.  I've read if you falter or are indecisive, they'll send you to the back of the line. 

As for how to order:  Tell them the type of sandwich you want, what kind of cheese, and then add "wit" or "wit-out", which means with or without onions.  The classic cheesesteak is made with Cheez Whiz, so an order at the window would sound like this:  "One whiz, wit."  That means one sandwich with Cheez Whiz and onions.  Other cheeses available are provolone, American, or mozzarella.  Or, you can order with no cheese at all.  Then prepare for deliciousness.   

If I had to make a choice between the Liberty Bell or a visit to Pat's for a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, there'd be no contest.  I'd take the sandwich any day of the week.  It's perfection.

Because, as you may have heard...the bell has a crack in it. 

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