Friday, March 16, 2018

Stop And Smell The Makeup

I've always had the good fortune of meeting spectacular people over the years, at every job I've ever held.  Most of my close friends, definitely my best friends, and all of the longest friendships I currently have are with people I've met through work.

When I first met Ed (almost 14 years ago now) I was working at an HOA management company.  I hated the job, the owners of the company, the customers I had to deal with, and the actual work, but the girls I met there were fantastic.  In fact, if it weren't for the girls I worked with, I wouldn't have stayed in the job as long as I did.  They made the work day bearable and one of them became one of my closest friends.

After I went on the road with Ed, contact with many of the girls at this particular job waned as I wasn't in town to participate in lunches or outings, even though they always invited me.  Now we mostly stay in touch through Facebook.  In January, one of them contacted me after learning I got married and asked for my address because she wanted to send me something.  OK, I thought, sure.  I gave her my address.

The second week in February my mother, Ed, and I were sitting in the living room when the doorbell rang.  Ed got up to see what it was and came back in with a giant box that was delivered and said, "You got a wedding gift from so-and-so." 

I was confused because she (name withheld at her request) shares a name with one of my family members and I was thinking, "Why would she (family member) send me a wedding gift in the mail and not just bring it to me in person??"  When I opened the card I realized it wasn't from my family member, it was my old work friend.  I opened the box.

And gasped.

It was FULL of makeup.  The makeup you see in these photos, all from the brand Two Faced.

I was in heaven.  I think I heard angels playing harps. 

Makeup has always been my life.  I live for a day in Sephora.  Or sampling items in ULTA.  I can't walk through a department store without stopping at a makeup counter.  So to say I was bowled over is an understatement.  I was looking at hundreds of dollars worth of product. 

I kept saying, "Oh my god.  Oh. My. God.  I cannot believe this."

It's hard to say this without sounding like I'm judging the gift by its monetary value because really, I'm not.  I appreciate any kind of gift.  But c'mon, I know makeup.  I've been interested in it since childhood.  And as I picked up each item, I couldn't help but blurt out to Ed and my mother, "Oh, my God.  These eyeshadows go for $40!" and "Do you know how much this mascara is??" and, "This is a Nikkie Tutorials kit!".

They had no idea.  And if you don't, this will give you some insight.

Eyeshadow kits ranging from $45.00 to $65.00.  The Chocolate Bar kits smell like chocolate, and the Sweet Peach one smells like peaches!

$19.00 lipsticks.

Better Than Sex mascara for $23.00 (regular and waterproof).

Beautiful heart-shaped blush for $30.00.

Colorful liquid eyeliners at $20.00 each. 

If my step-father knew someone paid twenty dollars for an eyeliner, he'd turn over in his grave.  When he was alive, he almost had an aneurysm when he learned people paid $4.00 for a cup of coffee. 

Eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes, lipsticks, bronzers, highlighters, lotion, makeup remover, lip primers, mascaras, etc.  There wound up being over $1,300 worth of cosmetics in that box!  What an incredibly generous gift!  It's so fitting that my friend would do something like this.  She's extremely generous and is always thinking of other people.  It's very much who she is.  

In the card, my friend congratulated me on my wedding and said she hopes Ed loves how I look while wearing the makeup.  It's pretty safe to say this wasn't really a "couple" wedding gift.  Sorry, baby.

After talking to her I found out she uses these products for marketing in her business and has an entire closet full of Too Faced.  She later told me that she was inspired to send it to me because she saw my mascara post which made her remember how much she always loved how I did my makeup at work, and she knew I would appreciate the products.  She also said I was welcome to come by anytime if I wanted to pick out something else from her goodie closet.

Are you freaking kidding me??  I'm going to have to dress like a drag queen every day for the next couple of years just to use this stuff. 

So if you see someone at the truck stop looking like this, it's probably me.

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