Monday, October 29, 2018

Where József And Dorrotya Meet

Because of low water levels on the  Danube, our river cruise was delayed by two nights. What this meant for us was, that instead of staying on the ship the first two nights, the company put us up in a hotel in Budapest instead - the Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge.

Let me remind you that our first four nights were spent at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, a spectacular five-star property.  True luxury.

The Sofitel?  Not so much.  Although billed as a luxury property, it didn't even come close. The lobby was beautiful, the front desk staff friendly and competent, and they had a very decent restaurant, but the rooms were less than spectacular.

A little disappointing, but river levels aren't something anyone can control - that's all up to Mother Nature (and probably global warming) - so we checked in, showered and slept, and got ready for our adventure.

The photo above is the view from our room - if I craned my neck and looked toward the corner.

József Attila Utca and Dorottya Utca are the streets where the buildings in the photo sit.  The building with the dome is the Ministry of Interior, and the white building on the right houses a post office.

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