Friday, October 26, 2018

Country House

A night shot of the Hungarian Parliament Building.  Currently the largest building in Hungary - the photo doesn't depict the size of the building - it's also the third largest parliament building in the world.  It has 691 rooms, 12.5 miles of stairs, and is 315 feet tall.  Read a little bit more about the building in this link.

I will have more photos coming of this building and other areas in Budapest, and will be posting and writing more when I can.  The internet hasn't been as fast as I'd like, and with all the running around we've been doing, I can barely stay awake to eat dinner let alone write blog posts.

Keep checking back - you'll want to see the gold ceilings in this thing!

* Országház in Hungarian means "country house", and this word is used to describe the parliament building, meaning "House of the Country" or "House of the Nation".

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