Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Not Just In The Granny Lane Anymore

Have you seen the little FastLane Hires button over there on the right? The one directly below my mugshot?

Well if you click on it, you will be taken to a magical place dedicated to "moving people, moving careers".

FastLane Hires is a brand new web site dedicated to Transportation & Infrastructure jobs. They're so hot, even Entrepreneur.com
took notice!

I first heard about the endeavor of Lori Gale, FastLane's CEO, when she posted a request on LinkedIn; she was looking for photos from industry events and also wanted to attract more professionals and young people to the transportation industry.

Photos? I have photos up the wazoo, people! And attracting more people to this industry? Easy Peasy! So I wrote her. I sent a link to my blog and photos and also gushed about how much I loved the trucking industry and would be more than happy to tell people about it. A job where I essentially get paid to travel? No brainer.

Her initial response was, "OK, Salena. I don't know you but I adore you!"

How can I not adore someone who adored me first? Mutual adoration was now in play. Excellent.

With that, we set up a meeting and via speaker phone, I spoke to her and several of her colleagues about becoming a small part of what they are trying to do - attract people to the industry. And not just the trucking industry. Oh, no....these people take on the entire transportation industry and the jobs that support it. Think trains, planes and automobiles, in addition to jobs on the high seas!

Because I love what I do and would shout it from the rooftops (although that would be a bit dangerous from my rooftop), we talked about how I can help in letting people know exactly what there is to love about a job like this.

One of the first ways they thought I'd be suited to help would be for me to be a mentor in their network of industry volunteers. The program is still in the developmental stage but at some point, I hope to be an inspiration to someone who is new to the job market or to show someone who may be thinking about a new career, that truck driving can be more than they ever imagined. Who knew I'd hang up my office attire of skirts and high heels to do this?

In addition, The Daily Rant (in the FastLane!) has its own little section on their web site; if you check out their Community page, you will notice that I have a small but prominent badge in the sidebar that links people directly to my blog. How fantastic is that??

I'm in the Fast Lane!

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Anonymous said...


Now, even more people, will get to know you.

Gil said...

Congratulations! Hopefully you'll get some commissions from this endeavor?

The Daily Rant said...

Greggie: I hope so!! But let's not tell them about the sawdust comment, okay?

Gil: Well, I'd be happy with more readers....let's keep our fingers crossed!!

chez bez said...
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chez bez said...

While at thirty-nine years of age I no longer fit into the "young people" category, I am interested in a career change where I can make a fair wage for my family while satisfying my wanderlust.

I'm off to click that link now.

all things bradbury said...

salena, this is fantastic!...anxious to see where it goes!....you're such a talented and realistic person, i think you're perfect for this job. attagirl!!!

sheila said...

Hey that is really awesome! You go gurl!

Anonymous said...

She's alright.

Unknown said...

Hey Salena (aka "The Trucking Diva") - mutual adoration is the best kind! You are our idol! Maybe you will swing through DC on Oct 8 for our rockin' launch party???


Hedon said...

Hey Chick!

Good to see people properly appreciating you! They couldn't find a better spokesperson for the industry than you.