Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flash Dancing Through Summer

Here I am, the summer of my sixteenth year, in the living room of our summer house. It was the year after the movie Flashdance was released and every t-shirt and sweatshirt I owned had been cut up to reflect the trend that was still going strong; a trend my mother was hoping would end soon because she just couldn't understand why one would want to cut up a "perfectly good" shirt.

Not only was I sporting a tan, but also the requisite eighties perm. At that time, perms were "in" and since my hair was not curly, getting a perm was the only way to achieve it. Big, high, curly, hairsprayed hair. Hair gel, a diffuser and lots of Aussie Sprunch Spray were the tools of the trade and the only way to get "crunchy" curls.

My step-father owned lake property a mile away that we'd walk to every day and I'm guessing (from the shiny skin and no makeup) I was either on my way to or coming back from there. We'd hang out at the lake all day then come home late in the afternoon to get ready for "work" at the family restaurant.

That summer I was probably working in the kitchen, bussing tables or working the dessert room. On occassion I'd wait tables, but because I was too young to serve alcohol I didn't do that too often. When I was utilized in that capacity (if we were super busy or someone called in sick), one of the other waitresses would have to go to the bar to pick up my drinks and serve my table.

The summer of '84 was probably the best summer of my life for so many reasons; my cousins Ro and Jules, the lake, the boys and working at the restaurant contributed most to the memories that will forever be etched in my mind.

What A Feeling!

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Stace said...

I too had the cut up sweatshirts, and an identically cut and permed hairdo like yours. I never got the Flashdance legwarmers, though. Not sure why. Probably thought they made me look fat. LOL.