Sunday, April 12, 2015

There's A Killer Whale On My Sightseeing List

Today is our last day on the Olympic Peninsula.  I'm afraid I don't have anything exciting to report.  We decided to make a trip into town, have lunch, stock up on groceries, and take a few more pictures before we departed.

There's really not much to do in this area but we do like to get out and explore a bit, even if it's just for a short drive. Yesterday while out a bright yellow bi-plane flew super-low, right over our truck, and landed at a small local airport. Oooooo, the thrill.

Our first stop was Boat Haven at the Port Townsend marina.  Ed wanted to check the moorage fees for his fantasy boat.  Turns out there's a four year waiting list for permanent moorage.  Whew!  Dodged that bullet.

We also visited the local paper mill on this visit - the one where Debra Winger and her friend worked in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman.  The stacks at the mill always emit a steady stream of thick white steam and sometimes the smell from the mill is overpowering depending on which way the wind is blowing.  It sucks when you wind up directly in its acrid path.

We've eaten at many of the restaurants in town, visited the shops each time we've been here, and checked out most of the local attractions.  We're not kayakers , hikers, or very outdoorsy people - well, more like I'm not - so that eliminates some of the things to do in this area.   

Today we took the Uptown route into town - the street sits on a high bluff overlooking Port Townsend Bay.  The weather cleared up a bit and the view, as always, did not disappoint. 
I gotta tell ya, the one thing we are kind of pissed at ourselves for, that we just realized today while reading one of the local tourist magazines at lunch, is that we could have taken a Whale Watching Tour while we were here! 
I don't know where our heads were since we had plenty of time to do it - we've been here nine days this visit - but for some reason we just never read about it or talked about it or looked into it.  I'm more annoyed at myself since I'm a consummate researcher when it comes to what we do in our down time.  I totally dropped the ball on this one.

We'll have to save it for next time.

We finished up in town and headed back to our parking spot.  I love the place we hang out while we're here, it's quiet and very relaxing.  We've got power and water hookup (so no noisy, smelly generator) and have a great water view.

The only activity in the area is the wildlife we see on our drive in.  There is no shortage of seagulls - we see those every visit - but the coyote was a new one for us.  We've been told there's a bear and a few raccoons, although we haven't seen either of those, and the only animal we always see are deer.

There were two tonight, having a leisurely evening meal of grass.

So, that's all the excitement we had this weekend.  Tomorrow we're back to work, heading clear across the country to the east coast, which I'm pretty happy about.

I have a few other things I want to see in the area, but the first thing on our list for next time will definitely be a whale watching trip!  

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