Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sometimes Inspiration Comes From Having Cool Tools

One of my shopping obsessions is stores that sell kitchen stuff.  I don't always buy, but I love to look.  I found a cute place on Fourth Avenue in Tucson - items pictured in the photo above - but can't remember the name of the store!  Man, I'm getting old.

These are my other favorite cookware stores, the names of which I can remember:

Sur La Table - Probably my all-time favorite cookware store.  I can die in this store and be happy doing it.

Williams-Sonoma - My second favorite store.  The items for sale beg to be used.

Crate & Barrel - Just beautiful, useful stuff.

Table Talk - A local company with almost everything I need.

Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's - Same company, three different stores.  Offers great stuff at discounted prices.

Le Creuset - I love the classic enamel-covered cast iron pots but have yet to own one.  I need one, but I'm weak now and don't like such a heavy pan.  I have a hard enough time lifting Ed's cast iron Lodge frying pan.  The only Le Creuset products I have are two coffee mugs.  Love 'em.

World Market - Lots of great dinnerware sets, kitchen storage products, barware.

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Unknown said...

Hey chick a dee !! Want you to add another favorite to this list -- a must have to put a smile on your face , MUD PIE HOME DECOR !
The dishes & serving utensils have sayings on them.
Such as a bowl that says "One potato, Two potato, Sweet potato, More!"
So stinking cute !