Thursday, February 23, 2017

Only A Boob Drives Into A 'Boob

Traveling west on Interstate 10 in New Mexico, Ed came to a sudden stop causing me to wake from my deep and dreamy slumber.  When I got up and asked what was going on, he said "Haboob!"

He quickly pulled over to the side so no one would slam into the back of us.  Once he knew we were clear - and there were plenty of vehicles backed up behind us - he started to creep forward with everyone else.

These dust storms are sudden and extremely dangerous.  A few years ago in Phoenix one caused a terrible pileup resulting in several deaths, just days before Christmas.  Horrible. This is why paying attention to what's going on up ahead is a crucial aspect of driving safely, and reacting quickly is of utmost importance.

Once we got further into the blowing dust, we saw some vehicles stopped in the slow lane.  A big rig ran into the back of another big rig, causing substantial damage to the front of their truck.  I shot a little video which you can see here.

If you see a dust storm, it's probably best not to drive into it.  Here are some tips on what you should do if you encounter one.

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