Monday, October 16, 2017

Growing Season

This is our second attempt at plants near our back entryway.  The first batch we planted were beautiful - lush green, with purple flowers - but the animals ate every last leaf and flower on them.  They never grew back. 

So today we bought two large Cape Honeysuckle plants and three small Rosemary bushes.  I read that rosemary repels animals, so maybe the smell that's glorious to humans will keep away the rabbits and whatever else is munching on my plants.  Ed put some chicken wire around the honeysuckle, for now, hoping to protect the lower leaves. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how they grow and I look forward to seeing them when they flower.  We need a little color up in here.

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Timelesslady said...

Hi, We have had problems galore in the past years with groundhogs eating garden plants. One day I could have a beautiful garden bed of plants only to find it mowed down. The bunnies are bad too, but the ground hogs are ravenous. We even think it has been gnawing on my neighbors wooden deck and it destroyed a plastic Adirondack chair in our yard. Good luck...rosemary is an excellent choice and will probably be left alone...mine is. Read an excellent recipe for using rosemary and orange peels and a dash of vanilla in boiling water as a natural air's amazing. Give it a try! Sorry...I type to fast and that makes me long-winded.

dlg said...

This certainly beautifies this spot. good luck.

The Daily Rant said...

FLEURIFUL: Oh, the bunnies are terrible. They eat everything! And we have javelinas here, too. They're in the boar family and they're omnivorous. Eat everything from gardens to garbage. I hope the rosemary works. I'm hoping it'll grow big enough to be able to prune sprigs from it to cook with. The rosemary/orange/vanilla sound great. I'll have to try that! Thank you.