Sunday, October 01, 2017

Texas Really Does Have A Thing For Big Stuff

These people are a big deal.  Literally.

Glen Goode's "Big People", as they've been dubbed, located in Gainesville, Texas, are the best kind of roadside attraction one can stumble across.  It's the kind of thing you just can't miss.

Here's a picture of Ed with "the guys".  

We've been passing the turnoff to the Big People for 18 months now, but haven't been able to stop.  Last month we finally had the time and opportunity to stop and take pictures.  I was concerned we'd miss out - another Flickertail, as Ed and I now call it - because I read that they were only going to be up for a limited amount of time after the founder's death.

And of course, boys will be boys.  Here's Ed taking a peek under her skirt.  Funny little fact - she's wearing pink panties! 
This Roadside America post has a great write-up about the Big People.  You can also read this, which talks about the Muffler Men, cousins of the Big People. 

Here's a backside view.  I think all the guys look like a young Ronald Reagan.  Even their asses have that 1940s trousers look.  
I love this job!  I've gotten to see so many interesting things in my travels.

And there's so much more out there left to conquer!  

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