Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Experience Fall Via The Internet

There are people who will tell you there are plusses to living in Tucson, Arizona. I can probably come up with a few myself - not necessarily that please me, but that will appeal to other people - but one of the things I will always dislike about living here is the absolute absence of Fall.

Not only is it October 26th and still 89 degrees outside, but there is no day, no week, and no month, that I can look out my window or take a drive in my car to see what you'll see in the following photos. It just doesn't happen. We don't have it.

That's one of the things I love about being over-the-road, the fact that we can see the changing leaves.  Real seasons.  Sometimes we can see leaves changing in the Northeast, then the Midwest, then the Southeast, all in the same month. Here in Tucson, there is no change. No leaves. No color. No reds, yellows, oranges, plums. You'll get a few people who will say, "The tree in my yard changes color."  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I can only look at them with pity, thinking about how sad it is that they'll settle for a few orange leaves and call it a season.

Here are some Instagram accounts I follow to get my fill of the beauty that graces the rest of the country (and world):

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