Friday, October 13, 2017

Millions Of Miles Of Memories

Today is Friday the 13th.  Rather than succumbing to superstition, we're going to celebrate a trucking milestone.

Today our 2007 Freightliner Coronado - which we bought brand new in January 2009, with just 600 miles on it - hit the one million mile mark.

We have driven our chariot ONE MILLION MILES across these great United States!

From the northern to southern border, west coast to east, our truck has taken us through it all.  We've braved all kinds of weather, visited national parks and monuments, eaten tons of regional food and dined with friends along the way, traveled traffic-packed highways and the loneliest road in America.  It's been a blast!

Due to Ed's meticulous maintenance and multiple upgrades, we haven't had even one major issue. 

We're expecting to get at least another 500,000 miles out of the old girl.  That'll be four or five years from now, so we'll see what happens at that point.  I'm hoping to be retired, but Ed may have other plans. 


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Belledog said...

Whooo. I don't want you guys to give up the road warrioring/warrior princessing any time soon. Congratulations on driving and informing us for a million miles, and may there be many more safe, happy and lucrative travels.