Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The Opposite

This photo, taken in northeastern New Mexico, shows the exact opposite of the scenery in yesterday's post.  This is wide open nothingness and some people love it.  A friend of mine commented that yesterday's type of scenery makes him feel claustrophobic, and I can see why he thinks that. 

Claustrophobic isn't a good feeling.  But neither is despair.  When I look at the scenery above, I feel such a desperate sadness.  And I always think, who lives here??  And, why?  
I've seen a LOT of this country over the past thirteen years and I love that we can be in 
Arkansas one day and New Mexico the next. Or drive from New York to Los Angeles in a little over 48 hours. I definitely have my favorite spots throughout the country and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to see the places I'm not a fan of too because that allows me to know the places I'll never need to visit again. This is one of them.

I don't think I'll be able to squash the trucking/travel bug completely, but I know we'll eventually be working less over the coming years.  The freedom of the open road has such an incredible pull, it's hard to think about not being out here anymore.

I better start planting the RV bug in Ed's ear.  That's a vacation style I can get used to.  


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Belledog said...

I love this landscape. Love it, but maybe that's because exposure is limited. Not sure how much I would like having to drive long, long distances for everything. All the time.