Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Evoking The American Southwest

The saguaro cacti in our yard have begun to get buds and blooms!

I like how this site describes the blooms:  "The simple, creamy-white blossoms open from green buds atop the cactus's trunk and branch stems; a blooming saguaro looks as if some giant hand had lifted up the plant and dipped the stem tips in pale, flowering frosting. The flowers open at night and last one day only, fading and closing the following afternoon to be replaced by others from late April through early June. During the flowers' short life, they provide food for bees, bats and doves, who in turn pollinate the flowers."

This big one - one of two 20-footers - stands guard next to our driveway.

I've seen a few white blossoms this week, including some that have fallen off, littering the path near the driveway.  These are two in our front yard.
 Here's a closer look at the buds that will eventually open and become flowers, looking like this.

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dlg said...

So beautiful. Please send pictures when thy blossom!