Thursday, June 14, 2018

High Roller

We arrived at the T/A in Sparks, Nevada just in time for lunch.  

I handpicked our spot at the back of the lot because, unbeknownst to Ed, after we were done with lunch I had a plan to visit my favorite slot machine at the Western Village casino, which is adjacent to the lot and a short walk away.

We did go to the casino and I quickly located my favorite machine, the Double Diamond.  Ed headed to the blackjack table.

I was offered a player's card which I usually don't get but the lady made it so easy I accepted.  When I went to check on my player's card balance later in the evening, I must have dumped so much money into the machine that the front desk manager came out and started to chat me up.  I thought he was just being nice, which he was, but he offered to comp us a room for the night.  I looked at Ed, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Why not?"

So we stayed at The Western Village Inn for the night.  It's not my normal caliber of hotel, but the beds were made with crisp white bedding and four pillows each (they only had a room with two queen beds available) and the decor was high-end 1980s.  It was clean and quiet, which was perfect since we'd only be sleeping for one night.  The photo above shows the view from our third-floor room.  Just beyond the end of the parking lot, you can see the truck stop.  Lovely, dontcha think?

I hope you can hear the sarcasm and humor in my voice when I say this...

It pays to be a high roller.

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