Friday, June 15, 2018

Play Two Credits

This is my favorite slot machine of all time - the Double Diamond Deluxe.  Known as a straight slot or flat top slot machine, it's pretty basic.  Three reels, one payline, one jackpot, no extra crazy bells and whistles.  It's a classic old-school slot machine and I look for this particular machine in any casino I go to.  There's usually one, even if it's tucked away in the back.  I'll play quarters or dollars but I prefer the dollar machine, like this one.  And I always play the max bet.

I'm not really much of a gambler, but I do like a happy slot machine.  I also don't really know how to play any of the tables games - blackjack, craps, roulette.  Oh, I know how to get to 21 in blackjack, but the strategizing and the math stresses me out.  That's Ed's game and he usually wins enough for us to get a hotel room and have dinner.  I usually just pass time on "my" slot machine while he's off winning money elsewhere.

I've gotten lucky in the past, winning over $700 one time and $2,500 another.  The $2,500 win was awesome since I only sat down with $20.  I totally scored on that one.

Here you can see I'm up to $2,104 dollars.  I started my play with $100.  At one point, I was up to $2,400 dollars!  I should have cashed out and left at that moment.  Let's just say I didn't end my night with $2,400.  But I sure had fun!

Long live the one-armed bandit!

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