Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Well Below Zero

This week we were scheduled to pick up a Praxair Cryogenic Vessel from a cryogenic equipment manufacturer in Sparks, Nevada.  Often called a cryotank or cryogenic tank, these vessels are used to transport and store cryogenic liquids. gives a brief introduction to these tanks and says, "Cryogenic liquids such as liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid argon (LAR), and liquid nitrogen (LIN) are typically transported and stored as liquids because more product can be transported when the product is in liquid form.  Cryogenic tanks & trailers are used to transport and store "the gas in its liquid form. Since the tanks are produced to store the liquefied gas, at -196ÂșC or below, they are designed like large, oversized ‘Thermos’ bottles, because even a small amount of heat inlet will return the products to their gaseous state."

We arrived at 6 a.m. as requested, and checked in at the shipping office.  We sat for a while before a worker retrieved the vessel we were expected to haul.  Ed was outside preparing the trailer for loading.  

Prior to pick-up, we were sent a document showing exactly how the tank was to be loaded and secured.  This information is very helpful when the customer expects a certain type of securement and with the visuals in the document, leaves little room for error.  I wish more shippers would provide guidelines like these when they have a specific need.

In this photo, Ed is shown standing in front of the tank after it was lowered onto the trailer.  

Once they set it on the trailer and Ed took additional measurements, he realized it was going to be too tall to fit under our sliding tarping system.  

We were told the tank dimensions were 96" tall by 16' long.  
We accepted the load because 96" would fit easily in our trailer which has an interior height of 104", but the tank wasn't 96" tall and no matter how it was positioned, it didn't fit.  

Unfortunately, sometimes this happens and when it does, we regrettably cannot move the load.

After speaking to the agent, it was agreed upon that we would submit what's known in our industry as a TONU - Truck Order Not Used - the customer ordered a truck but the shipment didn't happen.  Whether it was canceled unexpectedly or, as in this case, was unable to be loaded for some other reason, we would need to be paid for our time, miles driven, fuel used, etc.  The TONU for this load would cover the fuel we used to get to the pickup location and would give us a little cushion until our next load.

So what was supposed to be a load to Oklahoma, turned into an unexpected day off for us. 

I see a trip to Reno in our immediate future. 

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