Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good Samaritan Stops On His Way To The Brothel

Riding along Interstate 80 east of Sparks, Nevada I suddenly lost power.  The truck just died.

Thankfully, there was an exit just ahead and I was able to coast off the highway.  Of course, the exit turned out to be one of those hairpin-turn kinds of exits, and I didn't want to slow too much because I needed the momentum, so I just held on and kept rolling.  Because I had no power, I also didn't have 
power steering and had to use all of my upper body strength to turn the wheel. It was like driving a building.   Luckily the exit was mostly downhill, which helped, and I was able to come safely to a stop.  

The road, like most of this area of Nevada, was more desolate than usual.  It appeared to be an exit to nowhere.  There wasn't a soul in sight.  

Well, until Spencer showed up.

He was in his late sixties, with a craggy face and tattoos, wearing a black cowboy hat, boots, a pinkie ring, and a t-shirt that said 
"All Lives Matter. Except ISIS. Fuck those guys."

He immediately offered Ed his help, which Ed politely declined.  He hung around anyway, giving old man advice.  Ed can fix anything, so I knew we'd be up and running in no time at all.  I was right.  Turned out to be something with the fuel filter - it wasn't getting enough fuel, or had air in it, or something like that.  We weren't there long enough for me to care about the details.

Spencer eventually waved goodbye and said he was on his way to "the whorehouse".  He had never been there and decided since he was old and his health was failing, it was time for him to check it out. 

Look out, ladies!  

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Unknown said...

Wonderful story! Hate the scary driving part but I know I don't have to worry about you two.

Maria said...

Hey Superwoman! I love this story!!!!

The Daily Rant said...

D.Baker: My mother hated the scary driving part, too! I'm just glad it didn't happen at night - would have been harder to scope out a place to pull over.

Elke: I felt pretty super maneuvering the rig! Thanks!