Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Welcome Delay

Yesterday I sat in traffic in State College, Pennsylvania for an hour and a half.  Oddly, I don't really get too annoyed with traffic.  I like the slow pace, I like to people watch, and I especially like when it comes to a complete standstill and I have to pull the brake and just sit there.

Stop and go traffic is annoying, especially when you have to shift every three feet.  My left leg actually starts to get fatigued from pushing the clutch in so many times.  It's like spot exercising.  I half expect to come out with a thigh that looks like Popeye's arms.

I also didn't mind because Pennsylvania - especially this part - is stunningly beautiful.  Oh my God, all the green!  The lush trees.  Hills.  Grass.  It was glorious.  It had been raining on and off so the sky was a bit cloudy, no glaring sun to annoy me.

Of course there are the people who need to scoot in front of you because they think they're "getting ahead".  I prefer to be behind another truck rather than a car though because constantly watching a little vehicle's movement is annoying.  I'd rather creep along with a truck.  I had some guy squeeze between me and the truck in front of me and I kept thinking I was going to roll forward and crush him.  At some point, the lane to the left moved a wee bit faster and he darted over there.  To get one car length ahead.  Idiot.

I thought there was an accident because the app on my phone showed a fender bender up ahead.  Turns out it wasn't an accident, it was just construction - two lanes merging into one - backing up traffic for miles. 

Eventually, the road opened up and the traffic quickly dispersed.  My respite from the long haul was over.  It was time to go back to work.

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