Saturday, August 18, 2018

Vibrating Eggs

Last week we got new steer tires (the most important tires on the truck).

We drove about 900 miles and Ed said, "There's something wrong with these tires."

There was a vibration.

It was so slight, no normal person would have noticed it.  And on a truck that vibrates the minute the key is turned, it's sometimes difficult to determine good vibrations from bad.  But Ed knows his truck.  Even I can tell when something's wrong.  I don't always know what it is, or even how to articulate it - "It's doing a thing." - but I know when it's not right.

"They're not round," Ed said.  "They feel egg-shaped."

Egg-shaped doesn't work for a tire.  No wonder the truck was wobbling.

We got the tires in Nebraska though, so we had to make our way back to get them changed.  It wound up being an all-day affair.  When they put the tires on the machine, it confirmed what Ed thought.  They weren't round.  And although they replaced the tires for free, and of course balanced them, there is still a verrrrry slight vibration.

But we had to go, we had a load to deliver.  Ed talked to the shop manager and he said if anything goes wrong to come back and he'll take care of it.  Not ideal, because it's freakin' Nebraska and we don't go through there very often, but worth the trip if it means getting the tires replaced.  

We're now in North Carolina.  I'm so looking forward to driving 1,400 wobbly miles back to Nebraska.

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