Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Free Poured Art

Today Ed and I went for coffee to an area of town we never venture - the Mercado San Augustin.  Honestly, I didn't even know this place existed until a server at a restaurant told us about it.  

The Mercado, as he called it, houses several restaurants and shops.  It was only when I got there did I realize it's where Augustin Kitchen was located.  I'd been wanting to eat at this restaurant for a while now, just never had the opportunity.  I'm putting it on my list for the next time Marlaina and MacG are in town.

On this visit, we decided to get an empanada from La Estrella Bakery, and have coffee at Presta.  The pastry was good - Mexican pastries aren't my favorite, as they're more doughy and bready than light and flaky - and the coffee was beautiful but a little on the bitter side for me, but that didn't take away from it being an overall pleasant experience.  The courtyard in the Mercado is beautiful and a perfect place to sit with a sweet and a cup of coffee.

The girl who made our coffee was a master.  I watched her make several cups before ours but was able to get a close-up look when she was frothing my milk and creating this beautiful design.  The foam was hot and creamy, exactly how I like it.  And although the coffee was bitter to me, it was clear from how busy the barista was, others didn't feel the same.

After coffee, we poked our heads into a few shops, my favorite being Mast, and then headed home.  

A lovely afternoon with my husband.  

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